Stardium is the one and only company in Korea with an R&D system that produces entertainers. The first rookie debut project will take place in 2018. We will present 10 multitainers who have been upgraded to another level! Creative contents and new channels are disclosed, and the grand debut will be on October 10, 2018.

“If pop idols can act, actors can also sing!” The Korea’s first actor group project in 2013 was started out from such wonder of Byeongjun Na, the CEO of Stardium. The group that planned out this project is about to create a new history with Stardium in 2018.

“Stardium has great casting! Stardium is a reputable producer of actors!”


나병준 대표

민수경 PD
★ project manager

최당석 이사
casting & training

오지나 PD

임규연 실장

유호성 팀장

지석환 이사

허재영 PD

정서우 실장

Debut contents

Content A : Entertainment program watching practice room [Stardium, Nonhyeon]

- Exposure of various talents of skilled trainees
- New storytelling concept of joint management
Content B : Digital photo books

- High quality photo books associated with magazines
- Appealing with charms and visual training
- Collaboration with fashion magazines targeting the young age group
Content C : Minidrama & mini album

- Creation of a character for each member to prepare for the debut
- Maximization of acting ability and participation in OST recording
- Issue-making with relevant authorities
Content D : Debut showcase

- Stage performance of 10 members
- Appealing to relevant authorities and reporters
- Will be broadcasted live around the world

Project schedule

  • April   Creation of Stardium channel (website & all SNS pages of inSTARDIUM)
  • May   Beginning of the application period for the global audition, “The Man”
  • June  Final selection of winners and debut group (10 members)
  • July-September   Release of video contents of the debut group in Korea, China and Japan at the same time (entertainment program watching practice room, digital photo books, drama)
  • October 10​​​​​​​   Debut showcase (broadcasted live around the world)