Changes in the media formats and consumer platforms have brought forth great changes in demand for contents and consumption patterns. Whereas the conventional contents market was focused on actors and singers, we made a transition to the new media era where the business is centered around a variety of celebrities.

Stardium has combined its knowledge in the star entertainment business and star contents production with the celebrity business. Especially with music contents, we develop and supply various contents related to DJ music, including consumer platforms for DJ and EDM.

EDM STARDIUM is a professional EDM distributor that introduces EDM of producing DJs in Korea. It also finds new DJs through the rookie production system of Stardium that had been used to find and train actors and singers-to-be. In addition, EDM STARDIUM will place best efforts to foster K-DJ in the overseas market by introducing talented Korean DJs to record companies and DJ teams in Europe, the home of EDM.


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