Periodical Audition



Actor / singer (vocalist, rapper, dancer) / model / entertainer / music (DJ, composer, lyricist, etc.)

Audition Period

Open at all times


Any talented individuals (regardless of nationality and age)

Auditioning Process

1st part : Document submission (choose one)
1) Online submission : Website or
2) Mail submission: Casting Coordinator, 5F Cheonjo Building, 733 Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu Seoul

<How to participate>
· Required : Application form + 3 or more ordinary or profile photos
· Optional (video)
   - Vocalist : Popular song, creative song, instrumental performance
   - Dancer : Cover dance, creative dance
   - Actor : Free acting (known TV program, film, play, creative dialogue, etc.)
   - Model, entertainer, etc. : Attach a video file (or provide a hyperlink to an online source) that presents your specialty
2nd part: Actual audition     with a camera test on the applied field (including self-introduction and presentation of specialty)
3rd part: In-depth interview
Joining of the training program     * Stardium will support all training expenses.


· Please provide application date, name, contact and age on the application form.
· Required photos include facial close-up, upper body and full body.
· Photos altered by a smartphone app, Photoshop, camera or sticker will be excluded.
· All audition materials received via online and postal mail cannot be returned.
· All accepted candidates will be informed personally. (Unaccepted candidates do not receive personal contact.)
· In the case of applicants aged below 14 years, the consent of a parent is required.