• When can I receive contact for acceptance?
    If you are accepted, we will contact you in person within 4 weeks.
    First, we try to contact via mobile phone number provided on the application form. In the case of absence, we use other means such as SMS, e-mail and home phone number.
    Please understand that we do not contact unaccepted candidates.
  • How many trainees are there? How do I sign the contract?
    We cannot provide open information about the number of trainees and new contracts.
    Personal consulting begins with candidates after final acceptance.
  • I live outside the capital area / Korea. How do I participate in the audition?
    For the 1st part of the audition, all candidates who live in Seoul, Gyeonggi, other regions or foreign countries may apply by submitting documents via online or postal mail.
    If a candidate living outside the capital area or Korea passes the 1st part of the audition, the 2nd part of the audition will take place in the head office of Stardium.

    If candidates have a difficulty in visiting our head office, they can discuss the matter with our coordinator and participate in the audition with our partners in the nearest large city from the place of residence. They can also have the audition in the future when a casting coordinator of Stardium goes on a business trip to the place of residence.
  • What are the criteria for acceptance and competition rate?
    Stardium is looking for rookies with a variety of images and talents.
    Please understand that we cannot provide open information about detailed criteria and competition rate.
  • Do I get disqualified if I do not submit the application, photo and video exactly as told?
    Audition materials that do not meet our standards may act against you.
    For a fair and accurate evaluation, make sure to follow our instructions in submitting the materials.
    The application form and photo are required, and the video is optional.
  • Can I apply for the audition multiple times?
    You may only apply for the audition once, and redundant applications are subject to deletion.
    However, you may resubmit the application if you made an omission or need to modify details.
  • Is there a disadvantage for having no experience? How should I fill this out?
    Career experience is not important.
    Even if you are a beginner who never received professional lessons, do your best to prepare and show your capabilities with confidence.
  • Can I reapply after failing the audition?
    You may reapply after making improvement, but keep in mind that continued submission of the same application can disrupt our reviewing process.
  • Do I need to bear any training expenses?
    Stardium fully supports training expenses.